Health Care Partners of South Carolina Partners with the Marion County Healthcare Foundation

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Health Care Partners of South Carolina Partners with the Marion County Healthcare Foundation to Ensure Everyone Has Access to Basic Medical Services.

Health Care Partners of South Carolina (HCPSC) and the Marion County Healthcare Foundation (MCHF) are partnering to ensure that the needs of the uninsured and underinsured in Marion County are met and that they have access to quality integrated Medical and Oral Health Services.

As a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center (FQHC), Health Care Partners acts as a safety net provider for the community and offers comprehensive primary care services to all persons regardless of their ability to pay.  However, there are still obstacles to access those services and HCPSC and MCHF have committed to find innovative solutions to break down those barriers. Whether it’s understanding the Sliding Fee Discount Program that is offered by all FQHCs, transportation, or general awareness of services provided by a community health center, it is vitally important that the community is comfortable and knows that they are welcome at a community health center.

“The foundation is aware of the important role that community health centers play, particularly in rural, underserved communities.  HCPSC is very well positioned and committed to meeting the needs of patients of all ages with a wide array of services.  We look forward to working with HCPSC to ensure that all persons in our county have access to these much-needed services” said Pete Mazzaroni, Executive Director of the Foundation.

“Health Care Partners of South Carolina has been serving patients in our geographical territory for over forty years.  We look forward to partnering with the foundation to ensure all patients have access and can create a plan that best meets their health care needs”, said Jim Eubanks, CEO of Health Care Partner of South Carolina. Appointments can be made by calling 843-248-4700 or by stopping by the Marion office at 145 Palmetto Pointe Road.

About Health Care Partners of South Carolina:  HCPSC is a Federally Qualified Health Center established in 1979 with offices in Horry, Florence, and Marion Counites. Their mission is to provide quality. affordable, accessible, primary, preventative and supporting health care services, delivered with compassion and respect to ALL. More information about HCPSC can be found at:

About the Marion County Healthcare Foundation:  MCHF is a health legacy foundation which was formed with proceeds from the sale of the Marion Regional Healthcare System.  Their mission is to improve the quality of life in Marion County through inspired philanthropy, grants, and innovative community programs. For more information about the foundation visit