The Health Care Partners of South Carolina boasts a team that is both dedicated and compassionate. Our providers, nurses, assistants, customer service representatives, and administrative staff work tirelessly alongside our Board of Directors to ensure exceptional care for all patients who walk through our doors.

We take pride in that every team member shares one common goal: providing unparalleled healthcare services with heartfelt empathy and professionalism.

Health Care Partners of South Carolina operates as an FQHC with a governing body of community leaders and patients. The board consists of at least 51% patient members who play an integral role in decision-making processes for the organization.

This ensures that those receiving care have direct input into how their healthcare is delivered. With this structure in place, Health Care Partners of South Carolina remains committed to providing high-quality services while meeting local needs effectively.


Santina Mayo

Chief Executive Officer

Robert T. Reel

Chief Financial Officer

Catherine Moya, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Michelle Songer

Corporate Compliance Officer

Joseph Odom

Chief Pharmacy Officer


Chief Administrative Officer


Yvonne Davis

Board Chair

Michael Hemingway

Vice Chair

LaTisha Evans McClam

Board Treasuer

Georgette Washington

Board Secretary

George L. Williams, Jr.

Board Member

Dr. Carrie Brown

Board Member

Melody Chriswell

Board Member

Raquel Leslie-Benning

Board Member

Maria Rivera

Board Member