The Eye Care Team at Health Care Partners of South Carolina is here to care for all your eye and vision needs. We feel passionate about your overall wellbeing. Access to eye care enhances quality of life, improves performance in school and the workplace, and reduces cases of preventable conditions. In the senior population, routine eye exams can decrease the risk of falls, help maintain independence and the ability to work, and detect signs of chronic illnesses and blindness.

What to expect on your visit:

We will run various eye and vision tests with several specialized types of equipment. Most patients will have their eyes dilated. This may cause blurry vision and light sensitivity for a few hours. You may want to bring sunglasses, or someone to drive you home from the appointment. None of the procedures performed should hurt.

Once your eye exam is over, your optometrist should be ready to discuss the preliminary results with you and, if necessary, have you fitted for eyeglasses. During this time, feel free to ask any questions about your eyes specifically or general eye health.

Detection and management of eye conditions such as: